This is the first blog I have put together so I really had to watch all the tutorials and pretty much learned on the fly. I have read and commented on a lot of blogs before but never consider the time and effort it takes to put one together. I was offered the choice between writing a five-page research paper for my English class or a putting together a Blog. I am glad I choose the blog, I already knew how to put a research paper together but now I know how to put a blog together.

At first I was drawn to the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” by the fascinating title. I choose to research the story because once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. The story line is full of suspense and is the true definition of a page turner (even though I read it on the internet and not in a book). Even though Rainsford is experienced in hunting he can still be considered the underdog and I wanted him to win the “game” so bad!


I spent four years in a Florida Prison for some really stupid decisions I made at a young age. So I can relate the “hunter becomes the hunted” concept in a weird way. Once in prison, I quickly learned that violence is just an everyday occurrence and other inmates can attack you attack you at any moment. Rainsford was trapped on the island by the ocean similar to the barbed wire fences that surrounds a prison. He had to navigate through unfamiliar territory when the General Zuroff, who had lived there for years, knew every inch of it like the back of his hand. I also shared the same feelings of fear in the beginning and having to control my nervousness during certain times when things were getting intense. Although Rainsford ended up on the island by mistake and going to prison was no ones fault but my own, I think this story really can be related to what I have been through in my life.