There are movie versions of this book!

Although many aren’t exactly like the book they will help give a visual interpretation.

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Thumbnail   This is the full version of the original remake from 1932!! 1:02:34

                A cabin cruiser is shipwrecked off the coast of a remote island, and its three passengers manage to reach the island safely. The island is owned by a strange and enigmatic count who invites them to stay. But he has an underlying motive for his apparent generosity: Count Zaroff enjoys hunting–and he only hunts the most dangerous game: humans









  2001 college student remake! 27:51

           Thrill to the suspense! Gasp at the horror! It’s white-knuckle adventure when big-game hunter Robert Rainsford shipwrecks on a mysterious Russian island. There he encounters the enigmatic Count Zaroff, a malevolent hunter who, having grown tired of traditional prey, has taken to stalking a different kind of game… the most dangerous!