“Richard Edward Connell.” Gale Online Encyclopedia. Detroit: Gale, 2011. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 22 July 2011.

Gale’s biography, “Richard Edward Connell” expresses that even through Connell was very entertaining writing most of his work paid attention to the interior workings of his characters than to the action that takes place in his stories. Even though he earn rewards for his writing most reviewers found his work full of audience-pleasing “tricks” and lacking in nuance.    

Thompson, Terry W. “Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game.” The Explicator 60.2 (2002): 86+. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 22 July 2011.

 In this work Thompson critics Richard Connell’s famous short story, “The Most Dangerous Game.” Thompson concentrates on differences between the two main characters in the story. Comparing General Zaroff’s “Old World” mentality compared to Sanger’s “New World” beliefs. Thompson also expresses that even though Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game” is considered a thrilling “hunter-becomes-the-hunted” narrative, it deserves deeper analysis.

“The Most Dangerous Game.” Short Stories for Students. Ed. Kathleen Wilson. Vol. 1. Detroit: Gale, 1997. 155-169. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 22 July 2011.

Kathleen Wilson critics Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game” by not only analysis the story, but also by comparing other critics of Connell’s work. In Kathleen critic she also contrast the different writing structures the Richard Connell uses. Thompson explains that Connell writes with an often abbreviated style that rapidly moves the reader along the plot, spending more time slowly describing moments of greater importance. Using this writing style Connell is able to keep readers interested throughout the story, but at the same time is able to build suspense.

Explanation of: ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ by Richard Connell.” LitFinder Contemporary Collection. Detroit: Gale, 2010. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 22 July 2011.

 This work overviews the story line used by Connell in the short story “The Most Dangerous Game.” The article claims that the protagonist of the story is Sanger Rainsford, a world famous hunter who becomes the hunted. Also the article explains how “The Most Dangerous Game” has received critical praise for its exploration in themes such as courage, psychosis, and the struggle to remain human in the face of cruelty.

Connell, Richard E. “The Most Dangerous Game.” Classic Short Stories. Web. 30 July 2011. http://www.classicshorts.com/stories/danger.html. 

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